How many tournaments are there?

CT Amateurs Golf Tour holds two to three tournaments a week. Typically we play private courses during the week and public courses on the weekend.

Is there a minimum number of tournaments I have to play?

No, play in all or one. You decide what works best for your schedule, but we have a feeling you’re going to want to play them all!

How long is each tournament?

We take great pride in keeping our pace of play at a reasonable rate. Rounds may take a little longer than your average round with friends as this is tournament play and should be treated as such. Our CT chapter averages five hours on the weekend and four hours during our weekday tournaments. We practice ready golf. There are no gimmies, you must putt everything out. The “B” division always has the option to pick up their ball when they reach a net double bogey. If an “A” player picks up their ball without putting out, they are disqualified from the low gross portion of that tournament, however they can still compete on the net stableford portion of the tournament.

How do you score?

We score using the Stableford point system. You receive points per hole all off of your net score. In essence you’re playing the golf course not other members. We also have a stroke play only division. We also offer stroke play for our “A” divi

How do we track scores?

You will switch scorecards with another member of your foursome at the first hole ( if you are sharing a cart it can not be your cart buddy). You will track that persons score and on the bottom of the scorecard you will track your own score. After the round is complete you are required to come to the club house and sign and attest your score card and place it in the card box at the registration table. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO OUT TO THE PARKING LOT WITH YOUR SCORE CARD.

What are the two divisions?

The net portion of each tournament consists of and “A” and “B” division. The “A” division consists of golfers with a Handicap of 11.9 or below. The “B” division consists of golfers with a handicap of 12 or above.

Do I need a Handicap?

Yes. You can establish a USGA Handicap Index through CT Am Tour or we can use an existing handicap index you have established through your home course.

What can I win?

The members with the highest point totals at the end of the tournament gets paid in CT Am Tour credits. Typically the top six to eight players in each division win something. Your credits can be applied to any upcoming tournaments to reduce your cost to play. If you win $100 in credits and the next tournament is $100 then you play for free! Credits do not carry over to the next season, you can however apply them to your membership renewal. CT Am Tour Credits have no cash value and can not be transferred.

What side bets are offered?

We offer 6 side bets which are paid out in cash at the next tournament. These are not required and offered to enhance the competition of the tournament. You can select which if any side bets you want to participate in each tournament. Gross skins – $10 Low gross – $10 Closest to the pin – $10 (2 holes) Net Skins – $5 Kicker- $5 No zero pool – $5

What if there is bad weather?

I monitor the weather very closely. If the weather looks like it’s going to be an all day rain event we typically reschedule to a different date.

What do I wear?

You must make sure to wear proper golf attire. This consists of golf pants or shorts, a tucked in golf shirt and appropriate golf shoes. If you come wearing non appropriate attire you will be disqualified from that days tournament.

I receive many questions, during the season, on how exactly are the tournament points distributed. Hopefully this explains it in more detail:
 **** This holds true for both series point races, Net Stableford and Stroke Play.
***** If you have an index of 11.9 and below, you’re automatically part of both point races. If you’re a 12 index or above you’re only in the Net Stableford Point Race.
***** $2 from everybody’s NET STABLEFORD tournament entry fee is put aside and added to the Championship pot for the championship payout.
**** $1 from ONLY the “A” players tournament entry fee is included in the Stroke Play Championship payout at the end of the season. We don’t include any one from the “B” division.
————   At the end of each and every tournament, the tournament results are sent out with tournament credits listed to the top 5 to 10 -Dependent on the size of the field, if you see ($70) next to your name, that means at your next event you’ll receive $70 off of your next tournament entry fee. All side betting is paid out in cash.
Tournament CT CUP POINT distribution:
***** At the end of each tournament both the “A” and “B” divisions are combined together for the point distribution, in the NET Division. Stroke Play your points are distributed dependent on your gross score.
Single Day Tournament:
1st – 500 points
2nd – 300 points
3rd – 190 points
4th – 135 points
5th – 110 points
6th – 100 points
7th – 95 points
8th – 90 points
9th – 85 points
10th – 80 points
11th – 75 points
12th – 70 points
13th – 65 points
14th – 60 points
15th – 57 points – We go down by 1 point from 16th place on down – 56, 55, 54, 53 etc. etc.
Signature Events: New to 2024 – All Signature events are listed on the schedule.
***** You add 200 points from 1st place on down. 700 points for 1st place – 500 points for 2nd place and make your way down.
Major 2-day Tournaments: You must participate both days to receive major tournament points. You can participate on a single day and receive single day tournament points, AFTER all the 2-day players receive their points then I start awarding points for the single day players.
1st place – 1000 points – DOUBLE the points than a single day event.
2nd place – 600 points – On down.
VERY IMPORTANT: The Stableford system allows golfers to play against the GOLF COURSE, NOT the other golfers. The reason we combine both divisions before awarding points is because you’re playing against the course not the other players. The only difference between the divisions is the TEE BOXES.