Player of the Year

2016 Player of the Year

2016 Player of the Year
Rob Bartos

To receive the first player of the year award from the Ct. Am Tour is truly rewarding to say the least.
Playing in the Ct. Am Tour has drastically allowed me to improve my golf game through many rounds of tournament play, I think I was a double digit handicap when I first joined and have since knocked that down to a 4.
Playing on the Tour also allows me to take my game on the road and play consistent everywhere, I have place 3rd and 2nd in my division in the World Am in Myrtle Beach in the 2 times I entered, I am hoping to do much better this year as well.
My hat goes off to Brian Blade for starting and maintaining this endeavor and I am sure all the members would agree it is what we golfers really look forward to each and every week.
My hope is that soon we will be shutting down golf courses due to the fact we will have 100+ members per event on a consistent basis so only time will tell.
Whether your a beginner or seasoned tournament veteran after your play in the Ct. Am Tour you’re hooked, there is nothing better as far as amateur tournament golf and I have played in a lot of different leagues so I am speaking through experience.
Thanks again Brian Blade and the 2017 opening day at Shennecossett can’t come soon enough!

-Rob Bartos