Player of the Year

2018 Player of the Year

2018 Player of the Year
Matt McKinney

Being selected as the 2018 Connecticut Amateur Tour Player of The Year is a great honor and something that I’m personally very proud of. This past season has been a lot of fun, competing in almost all of the tournaments that the tour offers, including the spring trip to Myrtle Beach where I placed 4th and the fall trip to Arizona where I won The 2018 Duel In The Desert. This past year was also the first year that I went to Myrtle Beach to compete in The Myrtle Beach World Amateur, where I won my flight and went on to the finals to compete against all of the other finalists at the Pete Dye course at Barefoot Resort and finished in the middle of the pack. I am looking forward to going back this year to try to build on the success I’ve had there.
One of my favorite things about playing on a tour instead of at one “home” course all the time is that you find out what your true potential as a player is. When you play the same course all the time you know all the places to hit, or miss for that matter. Playing on the Ct Am Tour forces you to take your game on the road, because that’s all you do. It makes you a better player in many ways, including course management. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have had the success I did in The World Am this past year if it hadn’t been for playing all of the different courses that the Ct Am Tour has its tournaments on.
This tour is something that I have to tell all my friends about! I tell them that it’s like being a part of a private golf club. Not only are the public courses that we play top notch, the private ones are outstanding! Where else can you join and play courses such as TPC River Highlands, TPC Boston, Bull’s Bridge, Rhode Island Country Club, and many more? To me, it’s a no brainer! It’s also a great opportunity to make some new golfing buddies. I have made many new lifelong friends over the past 3 years, and I’m sure to make many more.
In closing, I want to thank Brian for all of the hard work that he puts into the tour. His dedication and hard work of trying to get us on the best courses in the state always impresses me. He is constantly working on ways to make the tour better for all of us. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.
I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings for the tour and for all of our golf games. See you all out on the course!

-Matt MacKinney