Player of the Year

2019 Player of the year

2019 Player of the Year

Thank you to Brian and the CT Am Tour family for bestowing this great honor of Player Of The Year upon me. I am both humbled and elated to have been chosen. Playing in the spirit of friendship, honesty and integrity is not a once in a while thing for me but an always thing.
The CT Am Tour has given me a platform to meet amazing people and golfers of many skill levels while competing for a multitude of prizes and side bet prizes. Due to Brian’s innovative and forward thinking with utilizing the USGA handicap system, I’ve found the competition fair, equitable and meets any and all handicap skill levels. Anyone holding a 20 handicap, down to someone holding a 5 handicap, can compete on the same playing field with an opportunity to win. My excitement playing on the CT Am Tour comes from secretly competing to beat the 20 handicap player along with the 5 handicap player. The fairness with utilizing the USGA handicap system allows me the opportunity to compete against all players.
Another aspect that I truly enjoy about playing on the CT Am Tour is the amount of amazing courses we travel to. I’m truly impressed and inspired each and every week looking forward to testing my skills on a course I’m not too familiar with. Studying the scorecard the night before and researching reviews from other players about the course gets my juices flowing. And all this level of enthusiasm can only be achieved with the avenue the CT Am Tour has provided. Brian’s innovative and forward thinking was ever present at our championship at Wintonbury with him using technology to post your scores online after 9 holes. It was a nice and welcomed addition to how each and every player stood after 9 holes. It gave us the feeling of being in a professional tournament with live scores.
Regardless of your final score after each tournament, you’re still successful because you’ve put forth an effort and have earned points with positioning yourself towards the playoffs and potential championship.
I thank Brian and the CT Am Tour again for this most prestigious honor and look forward to the 2020 season.

– Marvin Bristol