Player of the Year

2020 Player of the Year

2020 Player of the Year
Holly Christie

I would like to thank Brian and the CT Amateur Golf Tour for selecting me as the 2020 Player of the Year. I am so appreciative and honored to have been chosen. There are so many incredible people and ambassadors of this league, so to be chosen from that field was truly humbling.
Being a member of this league has been so meaningful to me in a number of ways. I absolutely love the game of golf. I enjoy everything about it from the sound the ball makes when you connect on the sweet spot to sinking a really long putt. I have played for a number of years but was never able to make any meaningful improvements in my game until I joined this league. While I knew the “technical” game of golf, I had never felt I was ready to challenge myself with competitive play. Playing in this league has exceeded my expectations in every way, from the ability to play challenging private courses to the friendships and mutual respect that all of the golfers have for each other. There is a true competitive, yet fun, spirit and the camaraderie in the league is nothing I have ever experienced. I am proud of how I played this year and know that I have become a better golfer and will continue to do so by being a member of this league.
Winning this award has an even deeper personal meaning for me. For years I have been looking for a league that was a good fit for me personally. I was looking for a fun, competitive, inclusive league. While this may seem like an easy thing in this day and age, before joining the CT Amateur Golf Tour, I was excluded by many local leagues simply because I am a woman. Instead of being deterred by that, I was even more determined and motivated to find the right fit. Golf, more than any other sport, allows men and women to compete on a level playing field because of handicaps and tee boxes. Everyone on the tour treats me like a golfer first and a woman second – I love that. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience in this league – it has been so rewarding. I tell everyone I know (and people I don’t know!) about the CT Amateur Golf Tour, as I am so proud to be a member.
2020 was an unprecedented year to say the least and the one thing that I looked forward to every week was getting outdoors and playing at both private and public courses all over New England. The best feeling is the anticipation of driving to a course and seeing the parking lot and practice greens full of CT Amateur golf players.
I can’t thank Brian and the league enough for giving me an award for something I love to do. It’s a true honor to be an ambassador for this league and I can only hope I will be able to do so for years to come. Spring 2021 can’t come soon enough!

-Holly Christie